Faith-Based Therapy

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Olive and Vine Counseling offers services that are holistic in nature. Every human has several different  parts of themselves that add up to create their unique selves. Because of this, it can be important to give attention to and do work with parts of yourself to promote full body wellness. We understand how certain parts, such as values and beliefs, can be useful tools to incorporate into treatment. Olive and Vine Counseling also understands that some will have the desire to incorporate certain parts of themselves and lives into therapy while others may wish to share and use other aspects of their lives as tools to reach their goals. We welcome the opportunity to serve individuals who request for their faith-based beliefs to be incorporated into the treatment process along with evidenced-based therapeutic techniques. 

What is Faith-Based Counseling?

We define our service as Faith-Based Counseling because like counseling, there is not one belief system model that fits all. With any type of service that Olive and Vine Counseling offers, we strive to foster a safe environment for clients to share aspects of their life with us, including beliefs and values. We promise to never judge your belief system, convey that your faith is incorrect or wrong, preach at you, suggest that you pray the problem away, or ask you to do something you are not comfortable with. 

Instead, If a client requests and gives permission for their faith to be included in the treatment process, we are mindful to empower the client to share, show, and teach us about their faith...

What does your faith mean to you? 

What does your faith look like? 

What does your faith sound like?

How does your faith show up in your daily life?

We work with the client to determine how best to incorporate their faith into the treatment process so that it is tailored specifically to them and their comfort level. We will always mindful to check in with the client on a consistent basis to determine if their needs are being met, for possible treatment adjustments, and for the client to give feedback to their provider.

Interested in this type of service or have questions? Reach out to us today to begin your healing journey!